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Tishe (The Story Of an Exclusive Call Girl)

When talented, but financially disadvantaged fashion designer, Tishé, signs up at an escort agency, she has a plan and it’s a simple one. She is solely there to make enough money to see herself through her final semester of fashion school and jump-start her career in Fashion Design. She sticks to this plan until she catches the attention of one of the most eligible bachelors in the country, an exclusive client of the agency. Richard Doherty is everything any escort dreams of in a client. He is young, good-looking, sexy, and rich as sin but she soon finds out, that behind that perfect exterior, is a possessive, obsessive, and dangerously jealous monster. One who would stop at nothing to have her, and at any cost.

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  1. Nice job ma’am keep up the good work Please wen is the next update coming up.. More grease to your elbow

    • I wasn’t angry at all, although I usually come off that way whenever I talk about this same subject. I’m passionately against disrespecting women and I guess my passion is mistaken for anger.
      Thanks, I’ll edit soon.

  2. Good to know there are some guys who think like you do because I was seriously starting to lose hope.

  3. I am pretty sure he was high on something nasty when he made this clip because I don’t understand why someone will sit and say something like this. It is people like this that gives the genuine men a bad name.

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