Finding Happiness 8

Osas lay on his king sized bed, eyes on the LED television screen but not seeing much. He was already daydreaming about how the next evening’s rendezvous with little miss perfect would turn out and literally holding himself back from salivating. The bitch he’d dated for years would finally be his for the taking and he wondered why he hadn’t just forced her before now? Why had he needed to play to her rules like some learner? Maybe he’d actually felt some feelings for her?

He ran that through his mind and finally decided he didn’t. People like himself didn’t have time for anyone but themselves. It had had been a mistake playing by her rules though, trust a girl to always take you for a ride when you gave her an ounce of power. He didn’t feel bad about the car, the bitch had the money to make all the repairs or better still buy another one. He almost couldn’t wait for 7pm to come when she would be at his mercy. She would give back all that she’d held back from him in the last four years.

Girls, they needed a man that took charge of the situation. His phone ringing caught his attention.

He glanced at the screen, “Mira.” What did this one want now? Why was she disturbing him? He didn’t need her services this night, he was saving all his strength for Deifa. He wanted to enjoy that one to the fullest. This Mira was just disturbing him. He might not even need her for a while sef if all went well with Deifa.

“Yes?” he asked brusquely

“Is this Osas?” She asked cautiously

Girls and their stupid questions. “Whose number did you intend to call, babe?”

“ah ahn, Osas, look at the way you’re talking to me. Is there a problem?”

“I’m busy right now babe.”

“ Busy doing what?”

“What the fu-?” who was this bitch to ask him such stupid questions, he didn’t blame her, he was the one to blame for giving her too much of his time and making her feel important. “Look Bitch, it’s not your business what I’m doing. Don’t call me ever, you heard me? Never ever! I’ll call if I need your services. You get that? If you ever call me again, even by mistake it will get really ugly for you. Get that through your thick head!” He hung up. Can you imagine the audacity of that campus twat?

What was wrong with him sef? He was seriously slacking; see all these useless girls trying rubbish around him, had he gone soft or something?

He never got to finish that line of thought. The lights in his house suddenly went off. He sat up on his bed, that was odd. It was rare for the power to go off in this neighbourhood and perchance it went, his inverter was supposed to come on immediately. The batteries were always fully charged.

He got up from the bed about to go and check when he saw black hooded shadows filing in and gathering around him. Seven of them, he couldn’t see their faces but the Modus Operandi was that of his frat brothers. He was sure about it as he’d been sent on assignments enough times to know these were his guys.

A cold shiver went through him as he wondered what they were they here for?

“What is this about?” he asked wondering if they were there to kill him and for what offense?

“Osaze Asemota! You have failed your brothers.” One of them started.

What the hell? This must be a huge mistake, what the hell were they talking about? “Failed? How?” He asked perturbed.

“You have stepped out of line, disrespected and trodden on the Kings tail and now he bares his fangs.”

The king? The king cobra? Hell no, that wasn’t possible, he could never mess with the king! That was sacred territory.

“This is a mistake, brothers-“ he tried to explain.

“Stay away from Deifa Silva, the king warns. If as much as a strand of hair is touched, there will be hell to pay!”

What the hell? Deifa? Protected by the king Cobra himself?

“Did you get the message?”

“Yes, I’ll stay away from her.”

“good.” The hooded guy replied and then dispersed as silently as they’d come backing away.

He waited until they were all out the door before switching on the power, still in shock that he’d been threatened by his own brothers. So Deifa was protected by the king himself? That was unexpected, Even he had never met the king, only the highest ranking guys had that information.

He sat on the edge of the bed. “Shit!” He exclaimed, his mind began working fast. Deifa wasn’t the type to enlist the help of any frat guys. He’d dated her long enough to know how she ticked. It was probably that her friend, Lisa,that one was rough and could be the link to the King Cobra.

Osaze realised he had failed, there was not much he could do now, except he wanted to unleash a wrath so great, he might not escape with his life.

He decided that for now she had won.    *********

Deifa’s nails were a mess! She’d anxiously been bitten on them all day and now she felt like a total wreck because of this thing with Osaze that had been on her mind since the day before. She would never have thought he could be such a monster. After years of dating, it was as if her eyes had just been opened. She’d thought they’d shared a bond especially as he hadn’t pressured her into sex. She’d thought he was patient and understanding as not many guys would agree to a relationship like that. She had thought him to be one of a kind when infact he’d been fooling her and getting his action from other girls.

Glancing at the bedside clock, she saw the time was six pm. Lisa had told her not to worry but how could she not? She had no faith that whatever Lisa did could stop Osaze. He would always get his way one way or another.

Getting up from bed, finally since morning, she walked into her bathroom. She had to clean up as she wasn’t used to feeling so trashy, maybe a bath and some makeup would take some of the depression off.

Thirty minutes later she was done and staring at herself in the mirror. She looked as good as she always did but didn’t feel as good. Looks could be so deceiving especially hers. She had such a stunning beauty that people tended to stare all the time. It was a good thing as it had opened up possibilities for her which she had taken full advantage of.

She was quite independent but never cheated anyone and avoided trouble or troublesome people on campus. Dating the psycho, Osaze had kept them off her back. People saw him as a ticking bomb waiting to go off but she had felt she’d know. how to keep him calm, she had believed she understood him.

She’d thought he could never turn on her but she’d been gravely mistaken. He’d let her see what he’d wanted her to see, he’d been playing her all along. He was very dangerous and she could see it all now.

The first time he’d slapped her had been years back, they had just begun dating then. She’d blamed it on him being drunk and not thinking clearly, he’d seriously apologised and had looked so distraught she’d actually taken pity on him and had gotten back together with him. He’d never done it again until this time. Looking back now, she could see that she’d been good at making excuses for him.

What had been wrong with her? She’d probably been needing to be loved so badly that she’d stuck with him, even more closely after her father’s death.

Walking to her dresser she picked up her phone and switched it on. It had been off since the night before because she couldn’t deal with talking to anyone. Immediately a text came in from Lisa.

“Didi, why can’t I reach you? Don’t worry about Osas anymore. He’s been taken care of. He’ll never bother you anymore.I have dat taping for the bank commercial thing I told you about tomorrow. I might not see you all day tomorrow. Everything is fine now, just call me please.”

The text was meant to be reassuring but it didn’t reassure her one bit. She decided to call Osas himself and see if she could plead with him.

She dialled his number. He picked.

“What is it now, babe? Why are you calling me? Hasn’t it been settled?”

“Settled? What are you talking about?” She asked with a confused frown etching her features.

“Look, I got the message really clear. From now on we don’t know each other.” He hung up.

Deifa stared at the phone in shock. What had just happened? She dialled Lisa’s number immediately.

“Didi, how far? I’ve been trying to reach you since yesterday. What in the world happened?”

“Same question I wanted to ask you? I just called Osas and he told me we are to avoid each other from now on.”

“What?” Lisa asked. “avoid each other?”

“Yeah!” Deifa replied and Lisa burst into laughter.”What’s funny, Alissa?”

“The idiot na!” She replied still giggling.

“Okay please share the joke because me, I’m really confused.”

“ I told you I would take care of it and I did! I talked to Tikky last night and he promised to get him off your…..” “wait, wait, wait! Are you talking about my step brother? You talked to my step brother?”

“ Duh? How many Tikkys do you know?”

“ Why would you go to him? Of all the guys you know who could help?”

“Because he’s the one who wouldn’t demand any form of compensation from me or you! He got the job done without any hassles, that was what I wanted.”

“But he’ll ….”

“He’ll what? Gloat? Laugh at you? I assure you he’s not that type. He’s really concerned about you, I saw the way he took the news last night when I told him. If Osas had been there he might have committed murder.”

Deifa rolled her eyes and grunted. “ so now I owe him gratitude or what?”

“Seriously?” She heard the irritation in Lisa’s voice. “ Deifa, if I didn’t know you better I would have called you the B-word right now because of your last statement but since I do know you, I’ll just tell you this. Whether you owe him or not is left for you to decide. If you don’t appreciate what he did for you, that’s your problem because I know he won’t be bothered. He’s just doing what anyone would do for someone they cared for and so it’s left for you to appreciate or not.

I have to go now Di. I’m about rounding up the shoot.”

Deifa could tell she’d pissed her friend off big time. “Lisa….” She tried righting her wrong but was cut off.

“ Later, Didi.” She hung up.

Deifa groaned, now she had a guilty conscience. Well, the least she could tell the guy was thank you. He’d saved her from that her brute of a boyfriend, ex-boyfriend.


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