Heyyy Guys,

If I had a penny for every time I said I was back, lol! This time, instead of saying I’m back, I prefer to say… I’M HERE AGAIN!

How have you been since the last time I saw you? Hope great! As you already know, I’m Peju Amadi and I welcome you to my new space, Peju’s corner of the world wide web. So! I left y’all in limbo and went on with my life. My sincere apologies, I’m really sorry about that and honestly, I will change.

Your favorite romance stories will resume. To ‘Forever and for always’ fans who have been sending emails, your favorite couple is back with their drama and dysfunctional love-hate relationship, lol! Mofe and Ezinne will continue with their breakup and makeup drama.

Asides fiction, I’m going to be delving into other subjects, and I do hope you follow me on this journey by subscribing to the blog and leaving your thoughts. Let’s make this my corner bubble a little bit, lol. Thanks for taking time out to be here, I appreciate it.



  1. Nice job ma’am keep up the good work Please wen is the next update coming up.. More grease to your elbow

    • I wasn’t angry at all, although I usually come off that way whenever I talk about this same subject. I’m passionately against disrespecting women and I guess my passion is mistaken for anger.
      Thanks, I’ll edit soon.

  2. Good to know there are some guys who think like you do because I was seriously starting to lose hope.

  3. I am pretty sure he was high on something nasty when he made this clip because I don’t understand why someone will sit and say something like this. It is people like this that gives the genuine men a bad name.

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