False Pretenses 18

Izu let himself into his house feeling better than he had in a long time. It had felt so good seeing Kite again and being able to explain to her the reason behind his sudden disappearance. Letting her know that it had actually been for her own protection. After the deal he’d been into had gone south, the senator he’d meant to play a fast one on had put the police on his tail while some dangerous guys whom he’d lent some money from had also been searching for them. If they’d caught him interacting with Kite, her life would have also been in danger, so he’d skipped town to keep her safe. She’d never known she’d been followed by both the police and those other guys, they’d both kept a heavy watch on her. After a while, he’d settled his debt with the bad guys and the police had also gotten tired and slackened in their search for him so he was able to move around but by then he’d not been able to locate Kite since she’d moved out of the flat they’d shared.

He’d been really worried about her for the past few months and had been so surprised and happy to see her at Transcorp Hilton. She’d managed really well without him and now had a good job. He was proud that she’d been able to sustain herself without him but had become apprehensive when she’d not called him in over a week. He’d known she was still pissed and a pissed Kite would want him to stew a bit before finally calling him, he knew he had to do something because he couldn’t stand the waiting, so he’d checked the company up on line and had found their numbers.

She was still quite angry with him but he’d been able to plead his way back into her heart and things were looking up for him. It was easy to see that she’d enjoyed being in his company like old times, he’d teased her about the job and she’d laughed. They’d joked, he’d caught up on what had been going on in her life and the walls had finally been broken when she’d hugged him and tod him how much she’d missed him. His heart had skipped a beat to have her so close to him again, he’d really missed her.

It wasn’t like they were back together fully but little by little they would get there, he was sure.

“Hey honey!”

Izu turned to see someone in his living room, going through a magazine, what did hell?

“Brenda!” were his eyes deceiving him? “What the hell are you doing here in my house?”

“Oh baby, is that how to greet your baby you’ve not seen in a long while?” She was coming in for a hug but he held her back.

“Who’s your baby?” He asked frowning “How did you get a key? Brenda, whats the meaning of this?”

“Baby?” She asked as if shocked, looking up at him.

Brenda was the last person he’d thought he would see in his house, she was such bad news. He’d had to squat with her for a while in Benin, where he’d lain low for a while when the hunt for him had been on. Worst mistake of his life.

“Brenda!” He called her “How did you get the key to my apartment?”

“I’ve always had a key, I got you the place remember? So I got an extra key from the owner.” She made to come closer again “I missed you babe!”

“Brenda,” He removed her hands off him “What we had ended in Benin, I was very clear about it. It wasn’t meant to happen but it did but I never led you on or lied to you. Besides you know I have a girlfriend. I don’t know what you were thinking coming over here.”

“So Izu, are you telling me we’re over? Just like that?”

“Oh please, Brenda, you know it never even started between us, what we had was purely physical. I’m in love with Kite and you know it.”

Brenda shook her head, her eyes tearing up. Izu would have been surprised at her tears if he didn’t know Brenda, the girl was a master manipulator, did she think her tears would fool him?

“Baby,…. Izu? After all I did for you, I helped you Izu when you had no where to turn. Izu, I gave you my money and most of all I gave you my heart and my body, and this is how you are repaying me?” She took a step forward and he reflexively took a step backward. “By telling me you’re in love with that nitwit?”

“Hey!” He cautioned

“Hey, what?” She asked him back.

“Watch what you say about Kite! You don’t love anyone, Brenda, you are a user! The whole Benin City knows how you make your money so don’t play innocent here and you can please save the tears for someone who gives a damn. Now, leave my house.”

She laughed bitterly. “Your house? What a joke, a house I paid for with my money which ofcourse…you know how I got by the way.” She wiped the fake tears off “You’ll pay Izu, remember I know your secrets, I can get in contact with those who want you, just a few calls Izu and you’ll be running underground again.”

“You wouldn’t!” He dared her, his voice edged with steel.

She smiled “oh? Wouldn’t I? You know me Izu, I’m Brendolf, Brenda the Wolf, I don’t give empty threats. I hold you by the neck and I swear to you, one of these days, I’ll squeeze.”

Izu didn’t like this, this chick could be crazy sometimes and he didn’t doubt her words but what could he do. She’d acted like they’d understood each other back then in Benin, so why was she here throwing all these threats around?

“Or better still, I could go to Kite, I know how much she’s hated me since University,” She smiled “ I would love to see her face when I tell her everything.” Her voice softened “ I can hear her saying ‘What were you thinking Izu?’…but I guess you weren’t thinking of anything, were you? Nothing except for the lust and pleasure you felt at that moment….”

“Stop it! Stop it Brenda, just stop, will you? What do you want from me?”

“I want you you baby!” She said taking a step closer while he stepped back “I miss you, the mad fun we had….”

“You cant have me, that’s the one thing you cant have. What else do you want?”

“Honey, its you or no deal!”

“I made a mistake before in thinking you could be of help when I needed it, I should have known you’d come asking to be repaid and in ten fold, I made an even greater mistake in sleeping with you-“

“Over and over again” She added.

He ignored her and continued “but I wont make the mistake of bowing to you, I’m not scared Brenda. Do your worst!” He dared

Her eyes flashed as he said it. She picked up her handbag “You are so going to regret those words you just uttered.” She promised as she walked out of the room.

Izu watched her leave, slamming the door behind her before letting out the harsh breath he didn’t know he’d been holding or for how long as he placed a hand on his head. The one thing he did know right now was he’d gotten himself into deep sh’it again.

Kite was feeling so good, she was glad she’d had that talk with Izu, it had been well worth it. He’d actually kept away from her in order to keep her safe, she smiled as she thought about it. How romantic. She was so glad he was okay but she’d made him promise no more shady deals, none at all. She’d told him and he’d agreed, she didnt want their lives at risk anymore, the last one had been a close call. It was time to grow up and do things the legit way.
She’d missed him and she’d not been able to help herself in the parking lot when he’d stepped out of his car after dropping her. She’d grabbed him in a bear hug, he’d felt so good against her and familiar too. She’d not kissed him though, that was still too soon, he had to earn that one.

Now she stepped through the sliding doors in to the lobby, making her way to the receptionist to know if she’d had any messages.

“Hi Tessy, do I have any messages?” She asked the girl who was looking intently at her computer screen.

“No, but you’re needed on the last floor.”

She frowned “Why?”

Tessy looked at her “I don’t know, the boss is back, maybe he wants to see you or maybe his P.A has something to tell you, I don’t know, I just deliver the messages I’m given.”

“Alright, thanks. I’ll head there now.” She said turning to the elevators. So he was back? She hoped his trip had gone well. She guessed he probably wanted to ask how she’d been doing while he was away, the guy was such a perfect gentleman. She recalled his words the last time they’d had dinner, he’d said he liked her. She’d not exactly given much thought to his words, people like her didn’t mix with people like him. Maybe he did like her but she wouldn’t encourage him, the last thing she wanted to be seen as was a gold digger, she had too much pride for that and besides she was back together with the love of her life, Izu. She smiled as she thought about it, her love was back, things would go back to the way they used to be, no more heartbreak, no more hurting. Izu was back.

She was going to have to find a way to break it to Lucky and Di, she would have to assure them that he was totally done with his past life. She knew they were not going to like it but they were going to have to accept it.

She pressed the elevator button indicating she was going up and waited. Glancing at her wrist watch she saw she’d been about an hour out with Izu. She’d not known he’d intended to take her to lunch at Barcelos at the Silverbird Entertainment Centre. It had felt so good, him holding her hands the way he’d done while they’d talked, lightly caressing her chin sometimes while making her laugh really hard with his jokes and teasing. She’d been feeling him but she’d willed in her self control, she wasn’t going to jump back into the sac with him so easily, he would really have to earn that.

‘Tough words’ she told herself. She’d not been with a guy in six months, she didn’t think she could resist him for too long.

The elevator doors opened for her to see Martins. His eyes fixed on her, staring. She frowned, wasn’t he coming out? This was the lobby.

“Hi.” He said when she stepped in. The doors closed.

“Hi.” She replied not smiling and looking ahead, the last person she wanted to see was this creep.

“How’s your day going?”

“Good.” She clipped pushing the button of the floor she was going.

“You going to see the boss’s P.A?” He asked.

She rolled he eyes, she didn’t want to chit chat with the creep “Yes.”

“Okay….hope working with …..”

She turned on him “Look Martins, I’ve been quite accommodating with you but I can’t take your continued persistence anymore. Okay? I’m married!”

“Hey, hey, I’m just trying to make conversation….”

“Save it.” She told him “I don’t need it. Now can you keep quiet or get off on the next floor?” She fixed him with her sternest glare and saw that he got the message. The doors opened on the fourth floor and he stepped out while some people came in. She shook her head hoping she’d gotten him off her back for good. She’d previously been too soft with him, pests like him needed this kind of attitude, they just never took a hint when one was subtle with them.
She rode the elevator to the twentieth floor, stepping into the C.E.O’s plush offices for the third time since she’d come asking for a job, the second time had been when Awe had been showing her around. She walked up to the receptionist here, whose name she now knew to be Ene, if she remembered correctly.

“Hi.” Kite said.

Ene smiled as she turned to her “Hi, Kite?” She asked to be sure and Kite nodded.

She nodded “I was told I was wanted up here?”

“Yeah, you can go straight into the P.A’s office, you don’t need to wait this time.” She smiled as she said it and Kite got the joke, she was sure the fight of the last time was still fresh on everyone’s mind. She smiled her thanks as she made for the P.A’s office recalling what Awe had said about her. She’d had first hand experience of what she could be like so she was ready this time.

The lady was seated behind her desk. She looked up as Kite stepped in, as if sizing her up. Kite did her own sizing. The girl would have been quite pretty if she let loose that her mouth set in such a grim line. She was light complexioned although not as light as Kite, she had a nice figure but she wasn’t tall. Kite recalled from the fight they’d had the last time, when she’d stood up she’d been about five feet five? These short ones usually made a lot of noise to make up for their height.

“You sent for me?” Kite asked, she wasn’t in the mood for the staring competition, she had work to get back to.

“Mr. Williams asked for you, go right in.” She said and Kite turned surprised the chick had kept her voice calm. Walking through the Secretaries’ offices, she went to his door, knocked once and opened.

Williams was seated at the lounge area of the large office. Suit jacket removed, shirt sleeves folded to his elbows as he worked intently on his laptop, she doubted he’d heard her knock because he was still engrossed in what he was doing.

She stepped into the office saying “Mr. Williams…..” Quite uncertainly, what did one call a guy who had confessed to liking her the last time they’d been together anyway?

He turned, his eyes falling on her. He wasn’t happy, she realised almost immediately and her smile died. The stare he gave her was enough to wither her where she stood.

“Kite, come in.” He told her and she obeyed albeit warily.

“Is there something wrong?” She had to ask. Had Adeniyi complained? She was sure she’d been doing so well, he’d even told her she was doing a good job that afternoon, so…..

“Kite,” He looked at his wrist watch “Are you just coming in?”

She frowned “uhhhh? Yeah?” What was his business anyway?



He raised a brow “Lunch, really? You just went out to lunch and nothing else?”

Wait! Had he seen Izu?
“Yes.” She said not sure if she was lying, she’d gone out to lunch, it didn’t matter if Izu had been there or not, she was entitled to a lunch break, wasn’t she?

Ise shook his head as he got up “Kite, you are well aware you are still under probation, aren’t you?” He continued, not giving her a chance to answer “For the next six months you could easily be asked to leave for unproductivity or bad behaviour.”

“Yes, but I don’t understand what that has to do with my lunch hour.”

“Hour, you just said hour, didn’t you? Hour right? Then please tell me why you spent so much time out and with who? Tell me the truth Kite, please. To avoid trouble, tell me where you have been.”

Kite decided to come clean, not that it was any of his business but he seemed to enjoy encroaching into her personal issues. “I was with my boyfriend, we had lunch.” She said not missing the expression that passed over William’s face. It was one of realisation and surprise.

“Your boyfriend? The one who….”

She nodded “Yes.” Suddenly not able to meet his eyes.

“You’re back together?” His eyes were wide with even more surprise

She wished he’d stop looking at her like that, it really wasnt his business who she decided to date.

“You got back together with a guy that disappeared on you for….you know what? Lets not go there, You can do whatever you want but on your own time Kite!” His voice raised a notch “ During office hours you stick your butt to your seat and do your job, you get that?”

She frowned “But I was out for just an hour!” She exclaimed

“And you’re still lying!” He was visibly angry now “ the lying really gets to me Kite! I can take anything but not lies! Any more lies and you’re out! The receptionist said you were out for two hours before I came in, so don’t think you can lie your way out of this. Kite, I’m going out on a limb hiring you and keeping you after this because I know this is a tough time for you but if you don’t shelve your juvenile tendencies, I’m going to have to fire you. Many have been fired for less than this Kite, so thread carefully.”

Kite was boiling with her own rage inside. Why had Tessy said that? Why had she purposely lied against her this way? She knew she couldn’t tell him otherwise, he’d never believe her; after all she’d lied and stolen from him before.

She wanted to lash out at him but couldn’t, he was her boss for crying out loud.

He wasn’t done “Infact from tomorrow morning, you resume here! In the P.A’s office,”

Her head snapped up so fast she was surprised it didn’t crack “What?”

“Yes.” His eyes held anger as he said his next words “you’ve been upgraded to the assistant P.A to the C.E.O. You resume no later than eight a.m and you answer to Princess. She’ll give me daily updates on how you are faring. That way I can personally check up on you.”

“No! No way!” She shrieked “I will not work under that……”

“Oh yes you will!” His voice thundered “You will or you can walk!”

She tried from another angle, maybe if she calmed him down, it was a bad idea putting her under that girl who hated her guts. “Mr Williams, please, I’m sorry for ……”

“Oh, save it Kite! My mind has been made up.” He cut her off with a wave of his hand “you can leave now.”
She tried again “Sir but I’ve got outstanding work I’m ….”

“You have today to complete it, don’t you? Round up with Adeniyi today because you are moving up here, tomorrow.” He fixed her with an annoyed and irritated look. Kite had never felt so little in her life.

This guy whose company she’d been getting to like, here was another side of him she was seeing. The C.E.O/ boss side of him, he could be really mean when he wanted to be. How could she have thought he was a cool guy? The guy was an arrogant ! She would do as he said without arguing, she just hoped she would last a week under that mean P.A of his.
He’d returned to his laptop, dismissing her without words.

Fuming, Kite turned and left muttering under her breath “bloody id’iot!”

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