False Pretenses 8

Kite had to give it to these rich people; they indeed knew how to throw a party. They splurged and held

nothing back, she was beginning to think it was a good thing she’d come here. She had plans to pack

enough grilled fish and chicken for the girls. Drinks too, enough canned Smirnoff ice for Lucky, the girl

drank the thing like pure water,Di tended toward malt and juice; she would pack enough of that as well

since it all seemed to be overflowing here. That was the reason behind carrying the tote, it was very

useful in instances like this one but it was now in Ise William’s possession. If only she could get it from

that damn guy but she hadn’t been able to come up with a plan on how to get it back. The guy was

forming tough as nails, she’d even begged and pleaded to at least have her phone in hand but he had

refused, saying she might call someone to come pick her up. She hoped the girls weren’t worried; they

liked her to check in with them to know she was alright.

He was definitely not leaving the place without giving it back anyway, she would watch out for when he

was leaving then follow. She would jump into his ride again if he refused to let her have it. He had no

idea how resilient and annoying she could be. At the moment, she was peacefully hibernating in a dark

corner in the huge garden behind the main house where the party was being held. Kind of in hiding but

wasn’t ashamed of it, she hadn’t come here to mingle, she’d seen the stares she’d gotten when she’d

arrived with the Williams guy but he’d instantly quelled whatever wrong ideas they’d had about them by

announcing to the birthday guy that they weren’t together, they had a little unfinished business

together, that’s why she was here but they were ‘absolutely not’ together. Kite had given the celebrant a

polite smile and had headed off in the direction of the food and drinks. Steering clear of Williams so as

not to give the impression of hanging on to him but her eyes had been on him since. He’d been talking to

some hoity toity looking female, since they’d arrived at the place, she could see them quite clearly from

where she was seated. Both of them looking well groomed and high class, she was sure the chick was

boring as hell, who talked at a party anyway?

They were supposed to be dancing. Kite wished she could dance, the music was getting to her but she

was quite scared of showing her face too much, she wanted to keep a low profile, she wasn’t in the

mood to make small talk with any of these rich arrogant brats.

After all the stares she’d received when she’d stepped into the place with Williams, she knew if she came

out of her hiding place, they would pounce, asking her a million and one questions which she would

have to lie to because if she told them who she really was, she’d be looked down upon. She was sure

even now, one of the guys was probably gingering and gearing up to approach her, guys were so

predictable, they couldn’t look the other way when an attractive lady was in the area.

Kite knew she was a beautiful, confident and strong lady. Most of these people wouldn’t survive the

things she’d gone through on the streets. To them, She was a nobody that had nothing to offer, so she

didn’t need them knowing her, it would only make them look down on her. She would rather play a fast

one on them than date them.

She looked up from the fish she’d been attacking for a while now; some scan’tily clad chicks in bikinis

were making a hell of a racket. She rolled her eyes at the attention seekers, probably hoping Williams

over there would notice them. She couldn’t care less but she stared at their state of gross undress

wondering how they actually felt comfortable and confident in what they were wearing. It was a pool

party and many of them were in really skimpy bikinis which were actually strips of cloth barely covering



the essentials. Kite wondered if bikini fabric was scarce in the market that designers had to expose the

female skin this way.

It was okay to dress sexy but there was no way she was exposing herself for free like that. It was okay to

hint, show a little cleavage, legs, but that was where she drew the line. She could do some see through

outfit’s but not a bikini as scan’ty as these girls wore. She was too generously endowed to be showing off

her wares like that.

Anyway what was her business sef? She was here to eat and enjoy herself. She turned back to her meal

when a sudden shadow hovered over her.

Looking up, she saw it was a guy. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes, not at all surprised.

“Hi,” he smiled.

‘Hmmm’ not a bad smile, she thought as it transformed his looks.

“Hi.” She replied back but without a smile, she didn’t want to encourage him. He wasn’t bad looking, he

did look quite good actually. He had a Tyson beckford look alike thingy going on but what did she care?

“You’re too pretty to be alone.” He said next and this got him a smile from her, she looked him over,

taking in the way he stood watching her, exuding confidence, he was good at this and obviously really

comfortable in his skin, a real charmer. This was the type your mama warned you about.

“I think I should say thank you to that.” She replied as her smile died.

“You’re welcome.” He replied “My name is Kenny, yours?”

She shrugged “Kite.” She replied folding her arms across her chest, trying to give him the signal that she

wasn’t buying what he was selling and hoped he took note. He did, his eyes went down to her hands

before travelling back to her face.

“Kite,” He said “would you like to dance?”

She raised a brow, she definitely wanted to, the dj had been killing her with nice jams and she’d been

wishing she could dance for a while now but she wasn’t giving in easily.

“Do I look like I want to dance?” She asked back.

“Actually you do, been watching you and with the way your feet has been tapping to the music I can tell

you want to.”

She didn’t like this guy, he seemed to know too much. He gave her the feeling that he could see every

move you made even before you made it. He was smart, too smart, this one would smile with you while

he was killing you and you wouldn’t even know it. Just like Izu, she hated thinking about her ex-

boyfriend, the memory of him hurt like hell. She pushed it aside focusing on this guy instead.

She should tell him to buzz off but she’d never been known to shy away from a challenge, she wanted to

show him she could take him. He wanted a dance, he would get a dance alright!


Ise was supposed to be enjoying his conversation with this chick Ola had hooked him up with but he

constantly found his gaze being drawn to the corner where that Kitty girl was sitting. His mind constantly

wondering what she was up to sitting by herself in that dark corner. He really hoped she wasn’t up to

some new scheme? If any of his friends here got robbed or swindled it would be his fault for bringing her




“Hello?” Fiola, the girl he was supposed to be talking with called waving a hand in his face. He’d been

staring at the Kitty girl again.

“Yeah?” He turned to her. “Were you saying something?”

Gosh, he hadn’t heard a word she’d just said, it wasn’t that she wasn’t interesting but he had to keep an

eye on that kitty chic before she caused any more trouble. Prior to entering Ola’s house, he’d warned her

not to get up to any schemes with anyone or this time he wouldn’t hesitate to have her arrested. He

really did hope she took his threat seriously because he’d meant it.

“I was talking about my hols at the Bahamas.” She repeated.

“Oh sorry, my mind wandered.”

” Am I boring you?” She asked.

Boring? The Chick had worked in top fashion houses in New York; she was presently the African regional

contributing editor for Vogue magazine and her fashion line was taking off really soon. She was anything

but boring, she looked really good too. Ebony complexioned, tall and slim, maybe wavering on being too

thin but he guessed that was what was ‘chic’ at the moment. Although he preferred a girl with some

curves, not exactly straight but she wasn’t bad at all, dressed to the hilt like the true New Yorker she was

and that accent. The girl was hot, any guy would be happy to be in his shoes, so why did he still keep

staring at that other damn girl.

“On the contrary, I think I’m the boring one.” He said and she laughed. Girls liked it when a guy made fun

of himself. “Seriously, some ladies would have dozed by now.”

“You’re not that bad, a little absent mind yeah, but you’re Ise Williams, you can get away with it. Do you

know the lady you keep staring at?”

So, she’d nouced. He shrugged. “Sort of, she’s a real pain in the ‘you know where’. She tends to be

unpredictable and I brought her here, so I’m kind of responsible for her.”

Her eyes widened “Oh? You’re with her?”

“Not at all.” How would he explain this? “Let’s just leave her out of our conversation, shall we? And do

fun things instead, we’re at a party afterall”

She smiled “ Fun stuff like?”

“Dance?” He asked

Her smile could have lit up the whole Life camp district “Sure.”


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