Forever and For Always 3 pt 1


Eleven Years Ago

Ezinne was going to have Uduak’s head that afternoon. Uduak had gone too far this time and she was going to get it from her. After keeping her out until late last night, she’d turned off her alarm that morning, thereby making her wake up late. She had almost missed a final paper for crying out loud and hadn’t even been able to revise before running off to school in order not to miss the exam.

The night before, Ezinne had meant to return home by 6 p.m but since UD hadn’t had a ride and planned hitching one with Ezinne and Ekene her boyfriend to stay over at her place, she’d had to wait for her friend who hadn’t been ready to let go of her boyfriend. Their hands had been all over each other, and it had made Ezinne uncomfortable she’d had to give the two some space. Ekene hadn’t seemed to mind watching the two love birds but he’d changed seats for her sake.

It was amazing how UD acted like she loved Kelvin so much whenever they were together when cheated on him behind his back with rich older men. The one time Zinny had tried to advice her friend, she’d met a brick wall with UD yelling at her to mind her business, attracting the attention of passers by on the road. Zinny had kept her thoughts to herself since then.

But today she was going to let loose the rage from the embarrassment on her friend, the feeling was still fresh and she’d purposed all morning all she’d say to her friend who didn’t take her education too seriously. UD didn’t care about studying for exams since she could sort the lecturer out later. She lived a carefree lifestyle and had always tried dragging Zinny down that route. Had it not been their parents were very close, Zinny would have dumped their friendship a long time back.

UD was fun to be with but sometimes she took it too far. Zinny had driven round school for about thirty minutes now, looking for her so-called friend at their usual hangout spots but hadn’t found her. There was one more place she had to check, she was almost sure she would find her there.

She remembered the guy who had come to her rescue when she’d been out of sorts, wondering where she would start from. The time had been far gone and she hadn’t been able to put herself together. why had he helped her, he was the one whom most people referred to as Bill Gates because he seemed to be a genius or something. He stayed next house to hers and always came in to do one thing or the other in her house after which he was paid for his services.

He’d probably felt sorry for her but she didn’t need anyone’s pity, even if he hadn’t helped her with it, she was confident one way or another she would have scaled through with at least a C.

Parking the RAV4 SUV into an available space, she turned off the engine and made her way into the place to see her so called friend laughing and chattering gleefully with two of their other friends.

‘UD!’ She yelled, garnering the stares of most people around including her friend’s Osas and Dara. The three of them turned but Ezinne’s eyes were on UD!

“Why are you screaming my name like that in public?” UD questioned getting up.

“Screaming your name is the least of your problems right now Uduak! Why in the world did you turn off my alarm this morning? Is your brain so dense that you didnt think that I set it for a reason?”

Uduak jumped up from her seat “Who are you calling dense, Zinny? Your stupid phone was disturbing my sleep so I shut it off!”

“Its always all about you, isnt it? Because of you I stayed out late last night and I set the clock in order not to miss my paper this morning, but because of you, I almost missed it.”

Osas who had recovered from her shock, intervened as the two were causing a scene and they were the centre of attention in the place now.

“Zinny, guys, please lets not cause a scene.” She said quietly

“Please save me the wounded victim sob story, abeg!” Uduak ignored her “You didnt even miss the paper so why are you making noise, you are just a bloody drama queen! What do you even need your degree for? You are going to marry Ekene and he will take care of you for the rest of your life, right?”

“Wh…what?” Zinny sputtered not believing what she was hearing from her so called friend “You’re calling me a drama queen? I should be happy I didn’t miss my paper abi, because unlike you I don’t settle lecturers abi?”

Her last outburst shocked everyone at the table, including Uduak who seemed like the one most hit. he was too stunned for a counter attack, Osas and Dara took over before the fight went out of hand. They got up from their seats, Osas going for Zinny while Dara went for Uduak. Osas tried pulling Zinny out but she wasnt going anywhere, not until she told Uduak a few truths she needed to know. She however did succeed in pulling Zinny a few steps back.

“What! Why are you acting surprised? Isn’t it true? Unlike you, I take my studies seriously and if you ever, ever, put me in a position like you did this morning, I swear your family, your boyfriend whom you are deceiving, they will know the real sh’it you do for a living, try me!” She yelled.

Zinny saw something akin to rage fire up in Uduak’s eyes and next thing, she saw Uduak charging for her. It happened too fast for her to react, she’d never been in a physical fight with anyone before and was going to be at the loosing end of it but before Uduak got to her, a strong arm grasped hers firmly pulling her away, as Osas joined Dara to restrain Uduak back.

She turned to look at who it was and saw it was him, the guy from the hall, Bill Gates…. Mofe, that was his name wasn’t it?

She tried jerking her arm from his tough grip but was unsuccessful.

“Leave my arm!” She kept on jerking her hand but she wasnt going anywhere.

He turned to her, gave her a look but didn’t say anything.

“I said leave my arm, Mofe or what ever is your name! I don’t need you interfering in my business all the frigging time!”

“Your business you were gladly feeding everyone in there, right? You want to go back in there, make more of a fool of yourself and your friend?” He asked letting go off her hand as they were outside now.

she didn’t like being scolded by him, looking down at her like she was an errant school kid. He was too tall, she was about five feet nine but he towered over her, it was like looking up at Goliath, what was he, Six feet six?

“What is it to you if I make a fool of myself in public? Just because you work in my house doesn’t now give you the right to interfere in my personal business, my father doesn’t pay  you for that? I don’t need your help, even in the hall this morning, I didn’t ask for your help, I was perfectly fine on my own!  You don’t owe me anything and vice versa so please butt out of my business from now on and stick to your paid duties, okay?” She lashed out at him unfairly knowing she was transferring her rage at her friend to him but couldn’t seem to stop herself.

He nodded “right, rub it in my face that I’m one of your lowly, paid employees…. I know I’m not your level but I wont sit back and do nothing while you make a spectacle of yourself. Now, get in your car and go home and cool off… take a cold shower or something!” and with that he turned and walked away, going back into the eatery.

What the hell? Who did he think he was? “What? You don’t boss me around! I will get into my car when I will!” She yelled at his retreating back.

What an arrogant ass!

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  • September 14, 2018 at 7:19 pm

    I’m so happy you are back Peju. I was dying to read this stories alongside other interesting stories on your blog. You never disappointed. Keep writing. It has really been a while.


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