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Hello guys,

So up here is a link to a short clip where Tekno, one of Nigeria’s young popular music talents, created, advising his fans …His male fans of course, to enjoy their lives.

And guess who is supposed to be their source of enjoyment? Who else but we girls, females, women! We have become a man’s enjoyment. Shocking!! Should I say Hurray to us? :/

As I write this I am shaking my head to how low we women have fallen. In the video he is telling his guy fans to jump from girl to girl professing their feelings (fake feelings IMO) until they find the one who will accept them. He advise them to enjoy and take life as it comes.

First of all, I am not exactly against living life to the full but what exactly do you consider enjoyment? Is it sex with as many females as you can get? Is that enjoyment? Sex, partying, drinking? Is that what gets you fulfilled?

Okay, if that’s your enjoyment, I hope you also enjoy the Baby mama drama, STDs, liver problems, kidney issues and possibly HIV that might come along with it.

He also added a short clip where he talked about loving his girlfriend to death but he can’t be faithful to her. That for me is a very contradictory statement and makes me believe Tekno has no idea what love really means.

Everyone of us would love to live life freely too but when you claim to have someone you love, someone you know would be hurt by your actions, you don’t go along with those actions. That’s what love is.

Love isn’t self-ish, love makes you put someone else’s feelings before yours, that’s love. So please Tekno, quit deceiving yourself and your girlfriend, you don’t love anyone but yourself. That’s just it.

Tekno will say this, disrespect his so called ‘love’ openly and his girlfriend wouldn’t be bothered nor would the ladies who keep jumping around him and other celebs. Instead it’s me who it doesn’t even concern that is more bothered. It won’t be the first time I’m complaining about this but this sort of topic annoys me for some reason.

If you want to be promiscuous, do it quietly because it is a weakness and it is shameful, whether you are a guy or girl. It is shameful, call me a judge but it is what it is, shameful.

The world has locked us in a box, women should be the ones shamed but men are the studs and should brag about the number of thighs they have spread. Maybe if both men and women were shamed equally, things would be better. Fornication is fornication, Adultery is Adultery, it’s not acceptable for both men and women in God’s view.

Girls, we are better than this. We are more than this. It might be a lost cause talking to the females of this generation but I know there are still many sensible women out there. Go getters who can do more than stalking celebrities on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or whoring themselves out for money.

There are many Linda Ikeji’s, Chimamanda, Ellen SirLeaf to name a few, who can make a difference in this world.

It’s simple, you have to know your worth.

What’s are you worth, Ladies?

And guys don’t forget, today you ‘enjoy’, tomorrow you’ll have a daughter. What will you teach her without sounding like a hypocrite?

As for Tekno, what advice do you for your female fans, or don’t we count? I have always rooted for your music since the first time I watched you perform ‘Onyeneku’ at a small show in Abuja about five years back. White Nigerian said you were the next best thing and here you are, forgetting your female fans like we don’t exist. Weldone. >:(

Alright guys, Let me know your views in the comment box. All views are welcome. Guys I know you are dying to oppose me, feel very free to do so, I won’t block anyone. 😀

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  • June 12, 2020 at 5:49 am

    Waiting patiently ma’am..

    • June 12, 2020 at 4:50 pm

      I’ll resume posting soon


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