A short ‘recession’ story. (With Pics!) :D

Recession, recession, recession! No day goes by that something doesn’t remind us that the country’s is going through an economic dry spell.

Here’s a short story with animated GIF images to make one laugh a little.





So…the Agric minister says the market will be flooded with rice this decembergiphy. Ofcourse this means the current high price of rice will reduce.







Then one gets to the market to find out one has been scammed and the prices of rice are still high afterall



So instead one decides to buy at least one christmas outfit. There might be recession but one still has to look good right?



Then the sales people call the prices of the cheapest items they have.


and this is not exactly in one’s price range at this recessive moment.

So one opts for second hand clothing instead. Second hand clothes are even better than new ones, according to some people. 😀


The items in one’s price range actually looks like fifth hand and is still quite pricey but it’s better than nothing.


After all why were starch and Iron invented in the first place? 😀

So one succeeds  in bringing down the price a little believing one had cheated the seller. Then one goes home feeling good with oneself. Even though one couldn’t get rice at an affordable price atleast a nice shirt is better than nothing. It’s called compromise. 😀



But on getting home one finds out it wasn’t what one thought one had bought. The lighting in the shop had played tricks on one’s sight.



Then one also remembers the seller’s no refund policy and the tears come. ‘No rice, no tangible shirt, which kind of recession is this?’ :'(



This goes on for about one hour until one decides it’s enough. No use crying over spilt milk anyway.

So one decides to soak half a handful of garri, leave to rise for about an hour before delving in while vowing never to shop again during this recession.



Hope you enjoyed the short story?

Have you ever bought something in the market, returned home and became disappointed with it? I know I have.

Would love to hear your story in the comments section.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 😀



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